Journey To Silius


  1. Fenrikasa
    Sep 30,  · Journey to Silius was originally to be some kind of game based on the Terminator movies; all that remains of this period, developmentally, however are the various unused copyright texts in the game. Contributed By: KeyBlade 5 1 Operating System: NES.
  2. Brarn
    Mar 20,  · Journey to Silius is an interesting game. This unassuming little title is an excellent hidden gem in the NES library from the masters at Sunsoft. But what makes it so fascinating is its development history. Journey to Silius was originally going to be a licensed Terminator game before negotiations fell apart.
  3. Kazigor
    Sep 23,  · Journey to Silius was critically praised for its excellent music, composed by Naoki Kodaka and four other composers. He used an unusual approach to making the music. The bass tones were made of sampled sounds rather than the regular square and triangle waves, giving more depth and detail to the guekrisbiolayviacmomunalcumrelote.coinfoing System: Nintendo Entertainment System.
  4. Tygosho
    Apr 24,  · Journey to Silius is possibly the best Sunsoft game released on the NES. The game play is very similar to such classics as Mega Man and Contra. You are Jay McCay who must revenge his fathers death.
  5. Vudorisar
    Oct 04,  · Journey to Silius is one of the finest looking games on the NES, just as most of Sunsoft’s other titles from Blaster Master onward looked marvelous. The backgrounds are usually rendered in different hues of the same color to create a monochromatic landscape, but they always fit the atmosphere and never feel bland.
  6. Moogukora
    Journey to Silius. Alternative name: RAF World. Release date: Aug 10th, Console: Nintendo NES (NSF) Developer: Sunsoft. Publisher: Sunsoft. Ripped by: Chris Covell. Tagged by: DJ Squarewave. Download all files as MP3 (18 MB) Download original music files (12 KB).
  7. Goltilkis
    Apr 10,  · Journey to Silius began life as The Terminator, but unfortunately the original copyright text and some unknown graphics are all that remain from that development period. Note the copyright date of , compared to the final's ; the NES Batman was released in , so it's possible that Sunsoft couldn't afford two movie licenses within the.
  8. Faujas
    Apr 22,  · This is the OST to Journey To Silius for the NES! But in my own form of Stereo! Which spreads the sound channels and adds a bit of echo/reverb. These mixes also do not represent true, original, or.
  9. Masida
    The Journey to Silius is not a short or easy one, in fact I haven't completed it yet, but the music and graphics are reason enough to buy it. Sunsoft's work is always spectacular when it comes to music, and this is easily one of their best soundtracks!/5(19).

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